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VALVe made a webcomic for promoting 'The Sacrifice', a Left 4 Dead DLC. I must confess that I may have cried just a little bit.

I don't even know who Christine O'Donnell is (for some rasons, I try to maintain a better knowledge of French politicians than American ones), but I did laugh so hard. Jay Smooth, I love you.

Connecting with female characters in geek television

"[...] This is disturbing, and can be explained by the ways in which geeks feel more pressure to over-act hypermasculinity. Geek boys are often picked on or bullied in school for being beta males, and geek men usually continue to feel undervalued because of their perceived lack of “manliness.” Their reaction to this bullying is very often not to subvert the patriarchal masculinity standards that they fail to meet, but to overcompensate for this lack by participating more enthusiastically in misogynistic and homophobic behaviors and language. And women who exist in this culture, and want to be accepted by these geek men, will also often capitulate with misogyny as well, and show their credibility in part by refusing to connect with female characters in television."

So true. I'm glad I'm not into the Doctor Who fandom, I don't think I could take any River bashing without uselessly arguing for hours.

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Universal Lands Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' And Plans Unprecedented Feature/Network TV Adaptation
Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment have closed a deal to turn Stephen King’s mammoth novel series The Dark Tower into a feature film trilogy and a network TV series, both of which will be creatively steered by the Oscar-winning team behind A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

Wow. I can't believe it's being done. I hesitate between horror and bliss.

Stephen King was one of my favourite author as a teen. He may not be the best writer ever, but I think he's a great storyteller. I've always liked the way he takes his time to slowly unfold his plots and the care he puts into the portrayal of his characters. Also, even if I wouldn't go as far as to proclaim that his work is feminist since some of his works are quite problematic in these regards, he did depict a lot of great female characters (Dolores Claiborne may be the first to come to mind) and did tackle some feminist issues (ordinary sexism, domestic violence, homophobic violence, racial prejudice and so on).

But the Dark Tower? Very tricky to adapt. I'm really curious to see what they are going to come up with. And they'd better not fuck up the casting. Speaking of which...

Naomie Harris, black actress with long black curly hair, looking awesome

Would you mind playing Susannah? Thankee, Sai.
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I finally caught up with Doctor Who. And River Song is as awesome (and sexy) as ever.

Mini picspam for DW 5.12: the Pandorica opens )
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Breaking Bad : the picture shows the two main characters, a young guy and an older one, wearing lab attire and cooking meth

I think I've not been as enthralled by a show since Six Feet Under. This is quality TV : great acting, great writing, great premisse and great execution. I can't recommend it enough. They get bonus points for having a character with mild cerebral palsy actually played by a teen with mild cerebral palsy (it really shouldn't be so exceptional).

I also want to say that Bryan Cranston is a GOD. I almost didn't recognize him (he's Malcolm's father in Malcolm in the middle). He has already made me cry several times and I'm not even at the end of season one yet (ok, I cry easily, but hush).


Jul. 5th, 2010 09:06 pm
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Watching Castle right now. Not my kind of show usually, but it's on French TV so I thought why not. It's OK, but I must say that I'm not impressed. The premise is not very original and I think that Nathan Fillion's character is unbearable. That said, maybe it gets better later in the show. We'll see.
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I'm done moving. It was exhausting, the keys are not returned yet and I've still got about a million things to do. I'm also behind in several of the TV shows that I watch. How sad is that.

But it's fine, I'm moving on and all that.


HBO + fantasy + great casting? Is it spring 2011 already?
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Possible Network for Season 3 : "It has been reported that DirectTV has made a comment on Twitter that they may take a look at Legend of the Seeker on their "101 Network" which offers a veriety of programming for DirectTV Customers on channel 101."

I don't want to get my hope too high, but it would be awesome.
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I've watched the Warehouse 13 pilot and I am surprised how much I liked it. It's nothing new (two cops are recruited by a mysterious organisation to investigate strange cases... It reminds me of about one, two or one hundred different shows), but it's funny, interesting and I really like the characters. Plus, there are some steampunky visuals that are quite nice. I like the mix between clean, cold high tech and comfy retro objects. And Genelle Williams is very, very beautiful.

I'm just a bit wary about the Mulder/Scully vibes I can feel. And I would have wished a main female character with a bit of a sense of humour for a change. I'd really like to see more female characters both competent and funny.

But still. I think it's rather promising for a beginning. I hope the show will live up to my expectation.
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Day 05 - A show you hate


I don't HATE it. I don't even think it's a bad show (even though I don't like any of the characters, except for Sue Silvester and it may be just a tiny little bit because I worship Jane Lynch). But I hate the way it is often presented as a progressive show and how it even got an award from GLAAD because of it. I'm not gonna lie : I'm sure I've watched and liked a lot of shows far more cringe-worthy than Glee, but it doesn't change the fact that it is about as progressive as Kathy Perry's 'I kissed a girl' is a great lesbian anthem.

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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever


That is what I call a solid sci-fi show: detailed universe, complex and clever storytelling, funny dialogues, engaging and fully developped characters (both male and female) and some social commentary as well.

It's true that the special effects and photography are now a bit old. And when I say old, I really mean very ugly. They even used the Photoshop Lens Flare Filter of Doom. Yeah. That's the early 90s for you.

But still, it is for me one of the best written TV show ever and I'm amazed each time I rewatch it.

The casting of the TV show Babylon 5

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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season) : Happy Town. Well, that's not much of a choice, because that's the only new show I watch right now.

HT is a new mystery show with a great casting (Sam Neil, Amy Acker, M.C. Gainey, Abraham Benrubi, Steven Weber). Only 4 episodes for now, but I'm curious about what's going to happen next.

Happy Town

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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching : Kaamelott.

Unfortunatly, I know it can't happen as it is mostly impossible to understand the appeal of the show if you don't speak French fluently. It is a retold of the legend of the Round Table, in which King Arthur is a deeply depressed man surrounded by a bunch of incompetent subalterns. It's very witty and quite geeky. The characters are larger than life and their dialogues earthy. I love it.

King Arthur from the tv show Kaamelott

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The End

May. 24th, 2010 10:08 pm
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So. The Lost Big Finale. Dum dum dum dum.

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Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled : The Cara and Kahlan show Legend of the Seeker.

LotS was funny, epic and didn't take itself too seriously. The landscape and photography were often breathtaking. It was shot in New Zealand, which the fan of the Lord of the Rings movies in me appreciated. Besides, Craig Parker (Haldir) and Bruce Spence (the mouth of Sauron) were also part of the fun. Plus, it was refreshing to see two interesting female characters who actually cared for each other and didn't compete for the same man. I think I fell a little bit in love with Cara and Kahlan.

Cara and Kahlan being awesome

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These videos of Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver from Lost are hilarious. Love them. They should totally have their spin-off.

Happy Town

May. 16th, 2010 01:51 pm
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Been watching the first three episodes of Happy Town. The casting is wonderful. I've always loved Sam Neil and he's very good at impersonating that kind of evil(?) mysterious dandy gentleman character. And I HAVE to try any new show in which Abraham Benrubi plays a part. And Amy Acker is so very cute and sweet. And how could I forget his greatness M.C. Gainey (Mr Friendly from Lost).

I'm curious about the next instalment. Hopefully, it will not be cancelled for once.

Spoilers for episodes 1 to 3 )


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