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VALVe made a webcomic for promoting 'The Sacrifice', a Left 4 Dead DLC. I must confess that I may have cried just a little bit.

I don't even know who Christine O'Donnell is (for some rasons, I try to maintain a better knowledge of French politicians than American ones), but I did laugh so hard. Jay Smooth, I love you.

Connecting with female characters in geek television

"[...] This is disturbing, and can be explained by the ways in which geeks feel more pressure to over-act hypermasculinity. Geek boys are often picked on or bullied in school for being beta males, and geek men usually continue to feel undervalued because of their perceived lack of “manliness.” Their reaction to this bullying is very often not to subvert the patriarchal masculinity standards that they fail to meet, but to overcompensate for this lack by participating more enthusiastically in misogynistic and homophobic behaviors and language. And women who exist in this culture, and want to be accepted by these geek men, will also often capitulate with misogyny as well, and show their credibility in part by refusing to connect with female characters in television."

So true. I'm glad I'm not into the Doctor Who fandom, I don't think I could take any River bashing without uselessly arguing for hours.

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I finally caught up with Doctor Who. And River Song is as awesome (and sexy) as ever.

Mini picspam for DW 5.12: the Pandorica opens )


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