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I think I may have a girlfriend? Not sure how it happened (besides the whole me flirting with her and taking a train to meet her). She's pretty, funny and kind. And she's saying a lot of romantic things to me, in which I don't believe at all, but still they're always nice to hear. The only problem is that she's living about 300 km from here. Ah yes, also my trust issues are making me a bit cynical about the situation. It's fun, though. Will it last more than a few weeks? All bets are on.

Tomorrow will be la Journée de la Jupe (skirt day) in France in order to fight for women's right to wear anything they want. And by anything they want, they really mean SKIRTS, or anything else approved by our perfect and oh so civilized western society. Because there's nothing wrong with imposing a dress code that could make a lot of women unconfortable. Because no women's ever felt any pressure to wear skirts in the first place. Never. And because it's not ironic at all that the very same country that banned Burka not so long ago wants to fight for that specific right. Fuck you, France.

European Parliament wants EU countries to recognise existing same-sex unions
On Tuesday the European Parliament reaffirmed that the effects of civil documents (birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) must remain the same throughout the European Union.

This implies that all couples, including same-sex couples in marriages or civil partnerships, must retain their rights in all EU countries. Currently, same-sex couples often lose the rights given by their existing marriage or civil partnership when travelling in the European Union.


A Very Special Episode of Grey Areas: Privilege Denying Dude Edition

This week, on a very special episode of Grey Areas, we’ll be talking about Privilege Denying Dude! Again! Because if there is anything we at Tiger Beatdown like to do, it is run things right into the ground!

I spent quite a great deal of time writing about PDD last week. Initially, I had concerns. Those were sandblasted out of me once I read the deluge of commentary from real life Privilege Denying Dudes who wanted this meme scrubbed completely from the Internet. Not the avalanche of racist, sexist, ableist memes that metastasize through the Internet at large: no, no, no, those are obviously free speech. But the concept that marginalized people might be using their jokes against them, OH FUCK CALL THE PRESIDENT SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN.

I can't recommend you enough to read the whole article. It's spot on and very well written.
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Day 05 - A show you hate


I don't HATE it. I don't even think it's a bad show (even though I don't like any of the characters, except for Sue Silvester and it may be just a tiny little bit because I worship Jane Lynch). But I hate the way it is often presented as a progressive show and how it even got an award from GLAAD because of it. I'm not gonna lie : I'm sure I've watched and liked a lot of shows far more cringe-worthy than Glee, but it doesn't change the fact that it is about as progressive as Kathy Perry's 'I kissed a girl' is a great lesbian anthem.

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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever


That is what I call a solid sci-fi show: detailed universe, complex and clever storytelling, funny dialogues, engaging and fully developped characters (both male and female) and some social commentary as well.

It's true that the special effects and photography are now a bit old. And when I say old, I really mean very ugly. They even used the Photoshop Lens Flare Filter of Doom. Yeah. That's the early 90s for you.

But still, it is for me one of the best written TV show ever and I'm amazed each time I rewatch it.

The casting of the TV show Babylon 5

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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season) : Happy Town. Well, that's not much of a choice, because that's the only new show I watch right now.

HT is a new mystery show with a great casting (Sam Neil, Amy Acker, M.C. Gainey, Abraham Benrubi, Steven Weber). Only 4 episodes for now, but I'm curious about what's going to happen next.

Happy Town

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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching : Kaamelott.

Unfortunatly, I know it can't happen as it is mostly impossible to understand the appeal of the show if you don't speak French fluently. It is a retold of the legend of the Round Table, in which King Arthur is a deeply depressed man surrounded by a bunch of incompetent subalterns. It's very witty and quite geeky. The characters are larger than life and their dialogues earthy. I love it.

King Arthur from the tv show Kaamelott

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Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled : The Cara and Kahlan show Legend of the Seeker.

LotS was funny, epic and didn't take itself too seriously. The landscape and photography were often breathtaking. It was shot in New Zealand, which the fan of the Lord of the Rings movies in me appreciated. Besides, Craig Parker (Haldir) and Bruce Spence (the mouth of Sauron) were also part of the fun. Plus, it was refreshing to see two interesting female characters who actually cared for each other and didn't compete for the same man. I think I fell a little bit in love with Cara and Kahlan.

Cara and Kahlan being awesome

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I think the assumption is flawed. There is no fundamental goodness. I have no faith in such a thing. There are individuals. Some share our values. Some don't. Among them, a lot are only afraid, cowardly, ignorant or living dire situations.

I always try to be "good", I always try to be a decent human being. But I don't forget that I am very privileged to even be able to think about the world in these terms.
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LOL. Fuck you too, Writer's Block.

Stranger things have happened in the universe. So yeah. It is possible. It all depends on the individuals and the situations.
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Hate speech should always be censored in order to protect people who can't fight for themselves. Freedom of speech is important so that a citizen has the right to criticize her or his governement and political leaders. But equality and freedom from oppression prevail.
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Of course, it's part of the fun. Even now, some of my fave movies ARE awful and/or ridiculous. It doesn't mean they lack merit, humour, genuineness and imagination.

I am far more disturbed when I realize some old favourite were actually very racist or sexist.
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Yeah. It is really hard for me. But then being alone is not an option either. Life is a gamble and all that.

That said, I'm sure I'll survive better the next zombappocalypse that way.
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Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5. The show is great by itself and I think I fell in love with all its characters. But Susan? She kicks so. much. ass. She's smart, genuinely funny, competent, strong, but she still has flaws. And yeah, her lesbian relationship with Talia Winters doesn't hurt one bit.

But no memorabilia. Besides the dvds, of course.


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