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If you're looking for new geeky ways to procrastinate (and who doesn't), I recommend Choice of the Dragon, a great little browser game. It's got a "choose your own adventure" gameplay and even lets you pick (or not) your dragon's gender and sexual orientation. On the plus side, you don't have to go through the hassle of registering and it doesn't take too much of your time as it is quite short. And did I mention that you'd be roleplaying a dragon? With all the cool stuff such as wings, firebreathing and eating tasty humans.

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You know, squeeing is so undignified. No really, I won't do it.


Or maybe just once.

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My mom has beaten Dead Space on easy mode. And she has just begun the game again in normal mode. I'm so proud. And glad she found a hobby that suits her and that we can talk about.

Some pretty interesting upcoming games were shown at E3 this year, besides the fact that there were a lot of buff white guys shooting at things games. Not that I don't like them, but I also like a bit of variety. Border House makes a great analysis of the conference numerous fails. Sadly, at this point, I don't think anybody would be surprised to know there are still a lot of sexism and racism in the video game industry.

Anyway. I'm particularly waiting for :

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I love what Google did for PAC-MAN's 30th anniversary. How lovely of them to help people procrastinating.
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YES. It's going to be so beautiful. When your life suck, just play DS and appreciate the fact that you are not Isaac Clarke.


May. 10th, 2010 03:09 pm
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Listening to the Dragon Age Origins OST makes me want to play the game. Again. Epic game. I'm really looking forward the 2nd opus.


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