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Universal Lands Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' And Plans Unprecedented Feature/Network TV Adaptation
Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment have closed a deal to turn Stephen King’s mammoth novel series The Dark Tower into a feature film trilogy and a network TV series, both of which will be creatively steered by the Oscar-winning team behind A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

Wow. I can't believe it's being done. I hesitate between horror and bliss.

Stephen King was one of my favourite author as a teen. He may not be the best writer ever, but I think he's a great storyteller. I've always liked the way he takes his time to slowly unfold his plots and the care he puts into the portrayal of his characters. Also, even if I wouldn't go as far as to proclaim that his work is feminist since some of his works are quite problematic in these regards, he did depict a lot of great female characters (Dolores Claiborne may be the first to come to mind) and did tackle some feminist issues (ordinary sexism, domestic violence, homophobic violence, racial prejudice and so on).

But the Dark Tower? Very tricky to adapt. I'm really curious to see what they are going to come up with. And they'd better not fuck up the casting. Speaking of which...

Naomie Harris, black actress with long black curly hair, looking awesome

Would you mind playing Susannah? Thankee, Sai.


Jul. 11th, 2010 03:12 pm
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I'm very excited about this flick. I didn't like Death Proof that much (admittedly Tarantino annoys me more and more each year), but Planet Terror was my favourite guilty pleasure of 2007. I'm obviously very pleased with the casting : Michelle Rodriguez + Danni Trejo + Frank Lapidus Jeff Fahey + Robert de Niro.

I know that the Rodriguez/Tarantino's films are hardly low budget and that some fans are rightfully bitter when they get compared with REAL (less costly) b movies. But still, it looks great.

And because I'm a creep, here the best parts of the video if you feel too lazy to click on it.

Michelle Rodriguez being hot

Michelle Rodriguez being really hot

Michelle Rodriguez being hot again

Michelle Rodriguez still hot
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Of course, it's part of the fun. Even now, some of my fave movies ARE awful and/or ridiculous. It doesn't mean they lack merit, humour, genuineness and imagination.

I am far more disturbed when I realize some old favourite were actually very racist or sexist.


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