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I think I may have a girlfriend? Not sure how it happened (besides the whole me flirting with her and taking a train to meet her). She's pretty, funny and kind. And she's saying a lot of romantic things to me, in which I don't believe at all, but still they're always nice to hear. The only problem is that she's living about 300 km from here. Ah yes, also my trust issues are making me a bit cynical about the situation. It's fun, though. Will it last more than a few weeks? All bets are on.

Tomorrow will be la Journée de la Jupe (skirt day) in France in order to fight for women's right to wear anything they want. And by anything they want, they really mean SKIRTS, or anything else approved by our perfect and oh so civilized western society. Because there's nothing wrong with imposing a dress code that could make a lot of women unconfortable. Because no women's ever felt any pressure to wear skirts in the first place. Never. And because it's not ironic at all that the very same country that banned Burka not so long ago wants to fight for that specific right. Fuck you, France.

European Parliament wants EU countries to recognise existing same-sex unions
On Tuesday the European Parliament reaffirmed that the effects of civil documents (birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) must remain the same throughout the European Union.

This implies that all couples, including same-sex couples in marriages or civil partnerships, must retain their rights in all EU countries. Currently, same-sex couples often lose the rights given by their existing marriage or civil partnership when travelling in the European Union.


A Very Special Episode of Grey Areas: Privilege Denying Dude Edition

This week, on a very special episode of Grey Areas, we’ll be talking about Privilege Denying Dude! Again! Because if there is anything we at Tiger Beatdown like to do, it is run things right into the ground!

I spent quite a great deal of time writing about PDD last week. Initially, I had concerns. Those were sandblasted out of me once I read the deluge of commentary from real life Privilege Denying Dudes who wanted this meme scrubbed completely from the Internet. Not the avalanche of racist, sexist, ableist memes that metastasize through the Internet at large: no, no, no, those are obviously free speech. But the concept that marginalized people might be using their jokes against them, OH FUCK CALL THE PRESIDENT SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN.

I can't recommend you enough to read the whole article. It's spot on and very well written.
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